Cyber attack prevention – what you need to know

Most businesses sail on disregarding something like a cyber attack as the work of fiction. We’re here to tell you it isn’t – it’s a very real risk that can happen to your business. That is, providing you don’t prepare for such an event. Failing to pre-empt such risks can quickly bring about the demise of your business. 30% of business were victims of fraud last year (2012)

What should be protected?

Every business, regardless of sector relies on information. This information comes in a number of forms; user access to info, process systems, management decision. Look closely at the information your business relies upon and decide which is the most critical to your businesses success.

What are the risks?

First and foremost you should assess who has access to your most valuable information and those who may want to target your business. You can check out our last blog for a more detailed look at who is putting your cyber security at risk. You should quantify the level of risk to the assets the business is willing to accept.

What kind of measures should be in place?

The types of measures you can put in place to prevent a cyber attack are numerous, and we’ll look at these in detail in a later blog post. Company policies and processes are a vital part of the security procedure. It’s also important that these implementations are reinforced with the same rigour that you enforce say, a health and safety measure.

Do they work?

The web is an ever changing thing, so it’s vital that your security measures are checked on a regular basis. Update software when necessary, train new staff members on protocol, regularly change passwords etc.

Expect the worst

By preparing for a worst case scenario you are protecting yourself from lesser risks too. A robust, regularly inspected plan in place can help you reduce the risk, and recover information should something happen.

Keep coming back here for more on protecting your business against cyber security.

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