FBI arrest international Telecom fraud mastermind

Press Release:

February 17, 2015

Forwarded by Mark Zmigrodski, CFA, CCSP - AT&T

Two of FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Cyber Criminals Arrested

On Saturday February 14th 2015, a pre-dawn raid was conducted by members of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Pakistan’s largest city Karachi. Noor Azizuddin and Farhan Arshad were arrested. They are the alleged masterminds behind an elaborate, multi-million dollar International Revenue Share Fraud Scam affecting AT&T business customers.

In 2009 the CFCA members initiated an investigation into who was paying and providing IRSF numbers to PBX hackers located in the Philippines.  They were able to determine the identity of the boss to be Noor Aziz Uddin living in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  CFCA members provided evidence to the FBI showing a significant loss to the telecom industry in fraud charges allegedly due to Noor’s fraud ring. 

Based on the investigation and evidence provided by CFCA members, the FBI determined that this was a very significant crime ring and placed Noor Aziz Uddin and his business manager Farhan Arshad on their FBI Cyber Ten Most Wanted List in November 2012.

Noor and Farhan’s crime spree came to an end this past Saturday February 14th, 2015.  They are being held in Pakistan pending extradition to the US for prosecution.   This illustrates that the successful collaboration between CFCA members and law enforcement is the best method to protect out customer’s interests no matter how far around the globe the threat comes from.




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