Who’s putting your cyber security at risk?

The internet is a wonderful place for business. It allows us to sell, advertise, develop, and communicate – but while it is a wonderful tool, it’s also open to a plethora of risks. And those risks can affect your business directly.

Cyber security is one of the biggest threats of our modern age. It’s thought that around 80% of attacks would be stopped by simply employing the correct security practices.

Who is putting you at risk?

There are a variety of people who are putting your business information at risk in cyberspace. They include:

  • Cyber criminals – These people are interested in taking money through fraud and the sale of your valuable information
  • Hackers – For many hackers breaking into your system is an enjoyable challenge
  • Competitors – By gaining access to your information they aim to gain an advantage over your business
  • Employees – Many of your employees will have access to your IT information, which can be sold or misused for personal gain
  • Hacktivists – They have an aim to attack companies based on a political or ideological agenda

The compromise of information from one of these could quite easily have a long-term impact on your business. One attack can quickly demolish a company’s reputation or financial stability. For example, an attack could mean loss of intellectual property, which in turn could bring about a lower market share, impact on profits, and cause a loss of competitive advantage. It’s important to note that the attack doesn’t have to come directly. An employee could quite easily open an attachment in an email sent to them and make your whole IT network compromised.

Understanding the threat is a key step in preparing your cyber security. Consider the impact of such threats to your business and consider which are the most likely based on your business model. From there, steps can be taken to improve security. There isn’t a lock and key solution – various procedures must take place, and the reality is, you’re never completely safe from a cyber attack. But you can greatly reduce threat levels.

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