Work Place Fraud

How many crimes do you think are committed within the workplace each year? Amazingly, many ‘white collar’ crimes are committed on a daily basis and plenty of people are happy to turn a blind eye to these events, petty pilfering of pens or pads from the office stationery cupboard is a classic example.

Whilst there’s no excuse for any type of crime in the workplace, you could maybe forgive somebody if they ‘borrowed’ a highlighter pen one evening, but this could be a different matter if more serious acts are committed that have a detrimental impact on the business.

Take personnel management scams as an example. These happen more frequently than you might imagine and this costs the UK industry millions of pounds in lost revenue each year.

Whilst some of these instances are more heinous than others, any type of fraud committed within a business is going to have a negative impact on general operations and these crimes take many shapes.

Classic examples of fraudulent activity include:

  • Abusing Company Computer Misuse Policy
  • Misusing Time
  • Abusing Flexible Work Schemes
  • Taking Advantage of Company Sick Leave Schemes     

Computer Misuse Policy

In theory, staff should be made aware of their company’s computer usage policy as part of their induction package. Most businesses have a set policy in place that clearly outlines the terms of computer usage at work, anyone found in breach of these terms could be guilty of misconduct at work, and disciplined accordingly. People sometimes find it difficult to stick to the rules and regulations though. You find them clicking on social media sites or surfing the net looking for ecommerce bargains, when they should really be focused on their work.   

Misuse of Time

Getting in late, leaving early, taking too long over lunch or having extended breaks during the day are classic examples of misuse of time at work. Most companies base their business on a set working pattern, they rely on staff to complete their allocated hours and when people aren’t pulling their weight or sticking to set working pattern, this has a detrimental impact on the company.

Abusing Flexible Work Policies

Some companies provide flexible working options where employees can start late and finish late, come in earlier and go home earlier, picking and choosing the time they spend at work. This is fine as long as they make up their allocated hours and from time to time, workers take advantage of this flexible working arrangement to the detriment of the organisation.

Claiming Sick Pay When Fit For Work

This has to be one of the most serious incidents of personnel management fraud. People get sick. They sign off work and take advantage of their company’s sick leave package. Amazingly though, they are more than capable of returning to their duties and just fancy a little break!

In the most severe cases, people are paid for being on sick leave but they have another job working for a different company, which really rubs salt in the wounds. 

Fraud investigation is a useful intervention in these instances. If you suspect somebody isn’t quite as ill as they seem, gather intelligence about the person in question and you have a source of proof to confront them with.

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